Snow and bike service

DROP IN Ski and snowboard service

Whether you are skiing or snowboarding, your favorite equipment needs to be maintained in good condition in order you ensures your complete ride throughout the season.

Our ski and snowboard service offers high-quality and professional service and maintenance of your equipment.

We are not just the next service shop where we’ll sharpen the edges of your board or skis, we understand what we do, and we do it more than well.

Our consultants will make a professional expertise of the state of your equipment and will offer high quality services, thanks to the carefully selected technologies and materials we work with.

If you haven’t visited us yet - we are at 191B Georgi S. Rakovski Street in Drop In.

For more information, you can call us at: 0888 14 84 16

Here are the service price we offer:

- Full ski / snowboard service: 35 - 40 BGN ( Base + Hot Wax + Grinding )
- Edge Tuning: 20 BGN
- Ski and Snowboard Base: 10 - 20 BGN
- Waxing: 10 BGN
- Major Base Repair and Edge-Replacement Service: 10 BGN - 100 BGN

We wish you a great winter season!


How often you should service a bike depends entirely on how often you ride. For someone that only rides a couple of times a week in the summer months, a General Service twice annually should be sufficient. If you ride all year round, in all types of conditions, then servicing four times a year will help maintain the bike in tip-top condition

Service options:

1. Overhaul bike check for a new bike (not bought from our store): 25 bgn
2. Frame swap/change: 30-40-50 bgn
3. Cleaning and lubricating: 15-20 bgn
4. CLipless shoes cleats fitting and adjustment: 10 bgn
5. Fork fitting/swap (incl.-headset fitting and steer tube cutting if needed): 12 bgn
6. Headset swap/fitting: 10 bgn
7. Fork/rear shock service: 15-40 bgn
8. Wheel truing (per wheel): 10-20 bgn
9. Wheel build: 25 bgn
10. Hub service: 10-15 bgn
11. Bottom bracket service/fitting: 10 bgn
12. Hydraulic brake bleeding (per brake): 15 bgn
13. Brake pads change and adjustment: 5 bgn
14. Brake fitting and adjustment: 10 bgn
15. Gear cable change and adjustment: 10 bgn
16. Brake cable change and adjustment: 10 bgn
17. Front/rear mech adjustment: 5 bgn
18. Mech hanger alignment and adjustment: 15 bgn
19. Drivetrain fitting and adjustment: 10-20 bgn
20. Cassette fitting: 5 bgn
21. Tube/tire change/swap: 3 bgn
22. Tubeless fitting ( incl. sealant and rim strips ; excl. valves): 15 bgn
23. Chain swap/repair: 5 bgn
24. Pedals fitting/swap: 3 bgn
25. Accessory fitting: 3 bgn
26. Handlebar fitting/swap: 5 bgn
27. Non-standart bike services: 35 bgn per hour

Special sevices:

Bronze service: Overhaul bike check and cleaning , gear and brake adjustment , safety check
Price: 30 bgn

Silver service: Overhaul bike check and cleaning, gear and brake adjustment,
bottom bracket service, wheel truing (if needed ), drivetrain cleaning and lubricating, safety check (this service includes new gear/brake cables fitting)
Price- 50-60 bgn (depending on the bike)

Gold Service: Overhaul bike check and cleaning, gear and brake adjustment, brake bleeding (for hydraulic brakes) bottom bracket service, wheel truing (if needed ), drivetrain cleaning and lubricating, headset and hubs service, lower leg oil change for suspension forks(if needed), safety check
Price: 80-100 bgn ( depending on the bike)

*Parts are not included in the prices.