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Описание на продукта:

These sunglasses are the perfect accessory on the beach, on the way to the office or in the city. There is only one slight drawback: all the envious looks you will attract.
This frame was specially designed for genuine power women. Graceful design and expressiveness are interspersed with classical chic. Wearing full rim eyewear, you make it unmistakably clear that you are going the whole hog. The butterfly look is characterized by the thick full frame. The classic shape has an enduring popularity and is always en vogue. Stars like Marilyn Monroe made the look famous. This eye-catching shape is particularly suitable for faces with broad cheeks. The butterfly shape attracts everyone's attention. Due to its extravagance, it is absolutely perfect for confident personalities. The look is particularly suitable for somewhat shorter faces because the special shape makes the faces appear elongated and, thus, more slender.

- Plastic frames like these combine durability and are comfortable to wear.
- UV400 protection
- Our polarizing or "polarisation" lenses are far superior to normal lenses.
- This special technology minimizes irritating light reflections.

P.S. Цветовете на очилата може да варират, консултирайте се с наш служител.

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